Yasmeen Serhan is an American journalist based in London for TIME Magazine, where she covers foreign affairs with a focus on the future of democracies and rising authoritarianism around the world.

Prior to joining TIME, Yasmeen was a staff writer at The Atlantic, where she covered populism and nationalism from the magazine’s London bureau. She helped launch the bureau in 2017 as a reporter covering Britain and Europe. Yasmeen was previously an editorial fellow on The Atlantic’s news desk in Washington, D.C.

Over the past seven years, Yasmeen has written about the far right, autocracy, and democracies in decline. She has also reported on Brexit, vaccine nationalism, and global protest movements. In addition to her writing, Yasmeen is a regular panelist on The Bunker and Oh God, What Now? podcasts.

A California native, Yasmeen studied international relations at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and served as the managing editor of the university’s student newspaper of record, the Daily Trojan. She can be found on Twitter @YasmeenSerhan and on Substack at Foreign Correspondence, a fortnightly recap of her latest work and links to some of the best stories she has read.